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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Time in Arizona

   Yep, it is finally fall here in AZ.  I can tell because the tree out in my front yard is shedding it's seeds and leaves like crazy - - we will need to get that cleaned up soon before we are fined by the dang HOA.  I hate HOAs, can't wait until we can get out of this house and into real private property!
   Anyway, the weather has been nicer during the days here, altho it has still been hovering around 100 on some recent days.  Since the nicer weather is here, I have been really aching to torch.  The only thing holding me up is my darn neck!  It's been acting up again, shooting pain and tingles down my right arm which causes a big problem if I try to torch, even for short periods of time.  You would think going to the chiropractor for the last 2 years would of helped it by now - it worries me at times.
   I did finally get onto the torch last night for an hour or so.  I picked up the boro again, trying to get some good color out of it in small experiments.  It was hit or miss with getting any color out.  I really think I need to set up my old National Blow Pipe for some good heat - my minor just doesn't want to do it, especially on a oxycon.
   And wouldn't you know it - a dang hot mandrel slid right between my fingers and gave me a nice little burn and blister.  I guess that's what I get for trying to force myself back on the torch.  No worries, tho - - I will be back at it soon, pain or not.  I can't stand just sitting around all day, pain or no pain.  I will be back at it soon and hopefully will make some good stuff to show, especially if I go back to my comfort zone - soft glass.

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