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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Say Hi to My Little Friend, Brainy Bob . . .

 Meet Bob, one of my newest creations which I am going to call The Brainies.  Bob is the first of his kind, but hopefully a girl with pony tails will be joining him soon, along with a dog, bird (bird brain - haha!), cat, bunny, and other people and animals, too!  In the mist of other projects I am working on, like my Dragon Eyes (haven't forgot you Lynn!), I am hoping to fit a few of these guys in the mix.

They will all have over-sized heads (to hold their big brains!) and little bodies - - aren't they cute?

I will also be attempting a steampunk-looking guy of some sort, but not      sure when I will be fitting him in, but he will have goggles, gears and maybe a top hat, we will see.

As you see here, the hole is in the big head, so he will conveniently hang upright when strung on a necklace cord or thin chain.  Hope you like! :0)

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