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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Keeping Busy

I have been keeping busy lately, filling some orders and making how-to lampworking videos for YouTube.  I have several new videos online now and more to come soon.  Most of my recent videos are more intermediate/advanced techniques which might take a little practice for beginners.  But, I am also going to add more technique/color-reaction videos that will be more simple so that anybody should be able to use immediately.  I hope that I will be able to give some viewers and aspiring glass artists some tips and tricks to help with their creative processes to make their own cool beads!

Here are links to my last couple videos posted .. . .

This is the bead made in my Feathered Rainbow Tutorial on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h00_ntA8G7Y
Here is another tutorial on YouTube of on-mandrel implosion flowers.  The bead actually made in the video is the yellow one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_WvTs4Z6CY

This is a 2-part video, so be sure to tune into the second half, too.

And this is a little bunny bead which will be yet another tutorial coming up on YouTube  within the next few days!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Scars of a Lampworker

Yes, being a lampworker can be exhilerating, exciting, fun and even exotic to some, but it also has it's risks.  Working with an open flame has it's dangers, but for me, all the cuts and burn scars are well worth it. 
Every scar tells a story, and I am glad to say that I am proud of my scars and that the more scars I build up, the more experience I gain at the torch.

This first scar was my worst burn ever.  It's hard to see, so I have highlighted the area.  The whole side of my hand was burnt from the first knuckle down to my thumb.  I was distracted by my son who came into the studio and ended up putting my hand right in the flame - - duh!  A fresh little burn is right above it and to the left, from a piece of flying glass.  I am surprised this scar is so small since such a large area was burned, but probably just the worst of it scarred up.  I now have a small lighter area there with a dark spot at the bottom.  And, of course, even after being badly burned, I had to finish the bead I was working on!
These are a bunch of little scars I have gotten over the years from little shards of flying glass when rods have shocked when first putting them into the flame.  These are no big deal, some hurt a little, but I just brush them off and keep on torching.

Here's a nice one.  This was a larger piece of shocked glass that flew right into my elbow area.  The piece of glass was triangle shaped so I have a nice triangle scar there now - - pretty cool! 
This is one I got just last week and it's healing up pretty well now.  A hot mandrel fell right between my fingers and both my ring finger and my middle finger were burned, but my ring finger got the worst of it.
And here is my newest wound.  Not from a burn, though.  I was playing with a little boro the other day and have a coffee can of rods I was using. Now that I am back to soft glass, I had the can of rods on the floor by my shelving unit.  Duh!  I walked right into a rod that was sticking out and got a nice gouge on my shin.
I believe scars have a big influence on who we are, whether those scars are visible or not.  And whether you have physical scars or scars of the heart, I hope you are as proud of them as I am.  We all make mistakes, we all slip up sometimes, but the most important thing to do is lift yourself back up and keep on going.  

Flowers For Fall

Been experimenting a little as I am trying to get back into a regular torch routine.  The weather is cooler now here in AZ (as least at night) and whether I have neck pain or not, I have to get back on the torch.

I have been playing with an old flower design I tried years ago - - think they look pretty cool.  I did not invent this design, tho, and I am not sure who did.  I have seen a few beads like these floating around from different
artists.  I am not sure if I make these exactly like others do since I figured this out myself, but they look similar to others I have seen out there.

I am hoping to get some of these online as pendants soon.  I will string them on a headpin with small beads and/or crystals and attach a spring ring so that these could be easily strung onto a corded or chain necklace, a key chain, bookmark, chain-pull, sun-catcher hook, etc.
 I am heading to the chiropractor again this Friday and I am hoping my neck issue begins to improve as it has been, altho too slow for my taste.  As for now, I can only torch for a few hours before the tingling and pain shooting down my arm from my pinched nerve starts being too much to handle.
Wish me luck and I hope you enjoy these floral beads as much as I enjoy making them.  I am also planning on making a set of these, but am trying out different color combos to find my favorites (so far, I really like the orange and aqua one).

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Time in Arizona

   Yep, it is finally fall here in AZ.  I can tell because the tree out in my front yard is shedding it's seeds and leaves like crazy - - we will need to get that cleaned up soon before we are fined by the dang HOA.  I hate HOAs, can't wait until we can get out of this house and into real private property!
   Anyway, the weather has been nicer during the days here, altho it has still been hovering around 100 on some recent days.  Since the nicer weather is here, I have been really aching to torch.  The only thing holding me up is my darn neck!  It's been acting up again, shooting pain and tingles down my right arm which causes a big problem if I try to torch, even for short periods of time.  You would think going to the chiropractor for the last 2 years would of helped it by now - it worries me at times.
   I did finally get onto the torch last night for an hour or so.  I picked up the boro again, trying to get some good color out of it in small experiments.  It was hit or miss with getting any color out.  I really think I need to set up my old National Blow Pipe for some good heat - my minor just doesn't want to do it, especially on a oxycon.
   And wouldn't you know it - a dang hot mandrel slid right between my fingers and gave me a nice little burn and blister.  I guess that's what I get for trying to force myself back on the torch.  No worries, tho - - I will be back at it soon, pain or not.  I can't stand just sitting around all day, pain or no pain.  I will be back at it soon and hopefully will make some good stuff to show, especially if I go back to my comfort zone - soft glass.