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Friday, May 20, 2011

Back at the torch, finally!

Yay!  Finally back on the torch, altho my setup is not yet completed or perfect.  I still have to work on the ventilation/exhaust system - I still don't feel comfortable with that, and definitely don't want to teach any students until it is upgraded.
It's all working well enough for me to torch, tho.  I started torching on Sunday night, got my bubble heart beads finished for Beads of Courage and today I just started working on a new project, doll eyes.  These are small eyes (anywhere from 2 to 6mm in diameter) and used for polymer clay figurines.  I guess they could also be used for sewn dolls, etc., and I may even make larger ones if they start selling.  I have had requests over the last couple of years from people who make dolls and I am hoping this may bring some income my way.  Here's to hoping!!
Until next time!

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