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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Boy, it seems forever since I have blogged.  Well, almost forever, I think it was early this year the last time I sat down to write anything.
But, in the meantime, I have been keeping up with Facebook posts, did some YouTube videos and still listing on Etsy.

My recent works have been some blown vessels.  Been making some simple (altho still very shapely and elegant) vessels in mostly clear or transparent glass so that you can see what's inside.  I have some with mini marbles inside (shown above) some with sand and mini seashells, some with mini hearts and some with micro beads.  I have made all the marbles and hearts myself also.  These are very cute and the glass topper with cork can be removed so you can add your own items if you wish.  They will also hold perfume or essential oil if you would like.

I do have some available now at my Etsy shop - - - http://www.etsy.com/shop/JeansBeads?ref=seller_info
And I will also have some available at Coppper Con this coming weekend in Avondale, AZ.  For more info on the 32nd annual Copper Con Sci-Fi convention, look here - - http://www.azcentral.com/thingstodo/events/articles/20120822coppercon-32-convention-avondale.html
They also have a FB page.  These conventions are so much fun with different panels and discussions to attend, presentations, readings from authors, activities, gaming - and Filk music (can't forget that!).  If you like to read, write, game or watch anything Sci-Fi, this is a fun weekend!

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  1. Jeannie! Your etsy shop says you're on vacation! I wanted to look at some of your new stuff. I recently saw Kristen. She came to my yoga class. I feel a EVA reunion coming on real soon! :o)