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Friday, June 10, 2011

Hot Summer, Even Hotter Studio!

Hi All,

Summer is finally here since it seems like the temperature is going to be over 100 and stay there for a while.  Being Arizona, it may be there thru September!  (oh, hope not!)

I will be heading back to the torch this weekend even though I don't have any air conditioning in the studio (yet!).   I have been honored to receive a personal email request to do a tutorial in a glass magazine (don't want to reveal it yet, just in case) on how I make my unique glass eyes which I then place into pendants and beads.  It will be exciting, altho hot and sweaty, to complete this project.

This should be an intense tutorial, being separated into 3 parts - - how I make my iris stringer, how I create the layered eye and how I then place the eye into a finished piece.

It took me months of experimenting to come up with the best design possible for the unique and realistic look that I imagined it to be.  I hope many glass artists find my tutorial useful and create their own awesome, realistic eyes!


  1. PS - I will publish again when I know for sure the article/tutorial will be coming out.

  2. very cool! i bet many artists will enjoy your tutorial, your eyes are awesome!