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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hot Spring, as usual, in sunny Arizona . . .

(Studio Move - - all my glass crap piled up in my dining room/new studio)

Well, it seems like we are entering the summer season already here in the great Southwest. I think we may of had a week, maybe two of spring.
The Glass Craft & Bead Expo in Vegas this year was fun, as usual, and met even more new glass people again this year.
I have been back home now for almost 2 weeks and have decided to basically re-vamp my whole house (what was I thinking???). I originally wanted to move my upstairs, small bedroom studio downstairs into a larger space (our dining room) and utilize the 2+ torches that I have (one BIG move!). This would then open that bedroom space so that my youngest son could have his own room (move #2). Also in the mix is fixing the upstairs shower which hasn't been working for almost a year (revamp #1) and then finding space for all the existing dining room furniture into other rooms of our small, limited home (revamp #2). Ugh!! Talk about hard labor!! Geez!
Needless to say, I started about 5 days ago and I have almost moved all my glass stuff down from upstairs. What a project!! Everything is unorganized and just piled up wherever I could find some space, but soon I will have all my shelves set up and things will start falling back into their proper places.
I can't wait until it's finally complete. I am already getting the itch to torch!

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