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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blog Beginnings

My first real blog - how exciting! This new year starts out with ups and downs, just like any, but I am really hoping that this year will bring more inspiration, happiness and success to our family.
The old year did not end well, the worst being the death of my Gramma, at age 95, which is still hard on my Mom. She puts on a tough act, but I still see the tears in her eyes when she doesn't believe I notice. Other than that, 2009 brought a consistent breakdown of items in our house. It's somewhat funny when you think of it, Murphy's Law at it's best. So far, these are the things that have broken down at our place, most of which is still broken. The power to all of the upstairs is out except for the bathroom outlet (my son's room and my studio are being run by cords to the downstairs), the dryer's heating element went out, our coffee maker burned out, our kitchen sink broke (we were able to replace that), our upstairs shower is out because of a serious leak and damage to the stall walls (leak is fixed, tho) and our downstairs toilet does not flush on it's own - even after routing, plunging, filling with chemicals, etc.
Sometimes it's hard to see the upside, but we keep trying!

On the upside, I was the first featured glass artist on GlassCommunity.com - very exciting! I was also very excited to have also gotten into a couple of great local stores in the area towards the end of last year - - Evermore Nevermore in Mesa, AZ and also The Artist Studio at the Farm at South Mountain, Phoenix, AZ. Check them out if you have a chance, they are both neat places!

Also, I have started gathering items for the BIG glass show this year in Vegas - - The Glass Craft and Bead Expo, April 7th-11th. This is a huge event that has everything glass - classes, demos, and vendors with finished glass art, tools, and equipment. They also support ALL glass art - stained, slumped, fused, etched, lampworked, etc., and they have classes for all as well as for wire-wrapping, enameling, electroforming and finishing. A GREAT venue!

I am starting out the new year with hopefully a new look to my webpage - www.jeansbeads.com. I have been working on it almost daily but just can't seem to achieve the look I am after. Not being a web designer, I am still fumbling with the web program, but I am determined to get this done. My site still shows the old version, but hopefully a new one will be up soon.

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