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Monday, January 23, 2012

Keepin' it on Track

Dragon Eye Pendant made with black and pure silver - now for sale on my Etsy (will come to Vegas if still around).
It's already almost a month into the new year - time seems to just fly by sometimes.  There are so many things with my glass art that I want to practice with, new things I want to try, and even new glass I want to experiment with, but I have to remember to keep myself on track.
I have an ongoing project that I am working on which will keep me busy working on beads thru June and I also have the big Glass Expo in Vegas coming up at the end of March, so I need to make sure I keep up with my production and don't stray too much from what I need to get done.
I usually make a list for each week, noting the stuff that needs to be done and also the stuff I want to get done for upcoming shows.  This helps a lot to keep me on track, but also allows some lee-way in case I get bored doing the same thing over and over and over.  I keep this list on my workbench as a reminder of my "plans" and it also reminds me of upcoming projects which might of slipped my mind.  That helps me stay motivated and always looking toward the future.  I think writing out your plans or dreams is always a great motivator and sometimes can break down huge projects (or obstacles) into smaller, more bite-size pieces.

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  1. love all the new ray guns you have been working on and of course dragon eyes will always rock. glad you are staying busy and on track. Miss you jeannie and hope you are starting off the New Year happy!